Top 8 Sexual Fantasies Men And Women Have

Top 8 Sexual Fantasies Men And Women Have

While you think you are not kinky, there is a big possibility your brain might be. Yes, we can blame our brains why we reach orgasm and getting turned on. Don’t fret out. Sexual fantasies are a normal thing. However, they let us know more our sexuality in a safer way – and that’s through our imagination.

Have you ever been in a long-term relationship? If yes, you know how sexual fantasies add excitement to your daily life. However, whether you’ve shared with your spouse or just kept to yourself, these top sexual fantasies can be quite amazing:

Public indecency

Approximately 66% of men fantasize about having sex in the public place. To simply put, more than half of them have a secret lust for the sensation seeking, be it acting on that desire or not. Getting caught in the public doing some dirty deed is quite titillating.

Making love with a stranger

It feels exciting to be involved in a no-strings-attached sex with a beautiful or handsome stranger.  Why? There’s no drama or even relationship pressure involved. You’ll just feel the sexual heat that radiates from each other.  Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend? Maybe, you can add into your role-playing list like bumping into each as Mr/Ms. Stranger. Then suddenly, you’re going to your love nest!


Do you like to make your bedtime more thrilling? An orgy may be your answered prayer. In sexual fantasies, quantity means more exhilarating moments! Being involved in an orgy means experiencing magnificent tangle of bodies and hands squirming around. While you cannot imagine performing this in real life, it can be really fun to just make-believe.

Having an audience

Just imagine a room of individuals watching you shred your clothes off. Nothing beats the feeling when someone stares at your naked body and wanting to take you to bed. It is a major turn on.  Some people start their sex fantasy at a sex or strip club or wherever their creative mind takes them.

Threesome, threesome, threesome

Regardless of the combination of men and women you’re thinking, experiencing a threesome is one of the most prominent sexual fantasies both for men and women. For those who have this fantasy, this is not something they are planning to do or have done. However, it’s something they love to explore.

Anal Sex

There’s a recent research gauging the sex habits of over 3,000 young people (also known as millennials). It discovered that almost 35% of women experienced anal sex. However, whether they have done it before or not, they are still fantasizing doing it.

Sensual massages

If you want to opt something tamer without compromising the sexiness of the moment, then try doing a special massage. Doing something as intimate as this is definitely included on the must-try of every couple.

Having wet and wild shower

Enjoy the splash of water as it runs down your nakedness.  Did you know that the water, steam, and suds can play an important role in pleasuring your partner? Most individuals dreamt of getting dirty while taking a shower? Since most of us have tried shower sex, this sexual fantasy might be just a memory.

Found your sexual fantasy on this rundown? That’s normal! Everybody has them.

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