Sex Positions: Which Do Men and Women Prefer?

Sex Positions: Which Do Men and Women Prefer?

What is the best sex position that both men and women totally take pleasure in? Try to take a wild guess before reading!

Men and women love sex, but have you ever wondered about the right sex positions that can feel you comfortable and enjoy while reaching orgasm. Though there are many sex positions you can try out there, only a few can offer you more excitement and pleasure.

To narrow down your search, we have compiled some of the popular sex positions you can try to upgrade your sex life.

  • Doggie Style

Probably the most common sex position for many couples, the dog style puts the man in control, which enables him to go at the speed that is both best for them. Getting a deeper penetration is another key factor why doggie style is the most favorite. Make sure to have pleasure and intimacy when performing it.

  • Girl on Top

A sexy position that puts the woman in the driver’s seat, Girl on Top allows you to have control of the performance by setting the pace you really like. Men love seeing the full curves of their partner, so give him a show he wants.

  • Missionary

Undoubtedly, the man-on-woman sex position is one of the most popular ones. Women are able to get more intimate with their men thru eye contact and locking of lips. Conversation is an essential factor in sex, and missionary allows you to be in touch with your bodies.

  • Standing Up

In this style, the woman sits on a surface and then thrusts her from the front as intensely as she can. This way, her partner will get the opportunity to hit her G-spot. You can try exploring this position on a tabletop or kitchen for a more blast feeling.

  • Cowgirl Style

Best for the pleasure of both the sexes, and most likely the sexiest position you could ever do, cowgirl style moves to and from and arouse their G-spot for a huge orgasm. Reverse cowgirl position is also excellent.

  • The Lap Dance

Girls will pull up a chair and let their man sit onto while they get on top. In this position, he will definitely love the feel and look of you with a leg on each side of him. Wait, there’s an added bonus! It allows you to keep very close, make eye contact and share an intimate kiss.

  • Angled Missionary

Similar to standard missionary, your man will be on top, but at an angle of around forty-five degrees to the side. Both of you will benefit from the completely new feeling. If you want to make the scene hotter, you can press your pelvic floor muscles to create a pounding sensation that are guaranteed to make him wilder in bed. Rawr!

  • Spooning

The most comfortable and intimate position, spooning is a good try if you feel like being lazy and loving. Do some dirty talks while performing the best you can to make the night more memorable, hence delightful.

Go ahead and try these sex positions to spice up the night and add some thrill in your sex regardless of where you plan to do it!

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