Famous Lesbian Couples in Hollywood

Famous Lesbian Couples in Hollywood

When it comes to love, no one is exempted. Be it a straight, gay or somewhere in between, once they’ve been hit by the power of attraction and affection, they won’t be able to escape it. However, it is not easy to manage it along with our career. What’s more difficult is when popularity comes into the scene, you’ll surely experience more stress, particularly for bi–, gay or pansexual individuals out there.

Already disheartened? Cheer up! These lesbian couples in Hollywood will prove you that you can have the best of the world without sacrificing your love life:

Alexandra Hedison and Jodie Foster

Who couldn’t forget Jodie Foster who is dubbed as a multi-hyphenate A-lister (director/actress/producer/writer)? As a matter of fact, she has been involved virtually with one of the most sought-after movies in different ways. On the other hand, Alexandra, her significant other is famous for playing in The L Word (the devious Dylan). Aside from that, she is also a prominent filmmaker and photographer.

Portia de Rossi and Ellen De Generes

The power couples are well-known as First Ladies of Lesbianism. Thanks to this couple, they raise the existence of another unknown and underestimated part of the society.  They are one of the most accepted and visible couples. Because of their courage to show up in public, they motivate the LGBT community about achieving their success as well.

Ellen bravely came out at the time when gender issue is a big deal. Although her career was falling down a few years ago, she didn’t surrender. Instead, she fought against the trials and issues, bring her career back and created her own a talk show. And look at her now!

Alex and Wanda Sykes

In 2008, the mums of twins got hooked, right after Wanda announced publicly that she was a lesbian. This happened at Prop 8 rally. At present, Alex and the kids are usually part of the conversation or act of Wanda on her talk show. Additionally, they are also heavily engaged in animal rights activism intended to help PETA.

Jane Wagner And Lily Tomlin

Believe it or not, after more than 40 years together, Jane Wagner (comedy writer) and Lily Tomlin (comedian) tied the knot in 2014. It has been known that the couples worked together on so many projects such as  The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life, Moment by Moment, as well as And That’s The Truth.

Phyllis Lyon and Dorothy Louise Martin

Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin was an adorable lesbian couple. They’ve met in San Francisco way back 1950, making them realized that they have similar interests. Both of them majored in Journalism, were Berkeley graduates and many more.

San Francisco’s mayor married Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin, not just once but twice. By then, the women become popular advocate who courageously fought for several years to put gay marriage into law. While they lived in together and had thrived in domestic bliss ever since 1953, they were to tie the knot in California until 2004. However, the California Supreme Court voided it.

These celeb couples fought towards acceptance. They let other people tell their own love stories. And they showed everyone how far they can go for the sake of love.

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