The hottest Lesbian sex scenes in Hollywood movies

Nothing gets people horny like two women kissing, sucking or licking each other. Lesbian sex acts are the most salacious and arousing sex scenes in films. It’s part of the reason the lesbian genre is at the top when it comes to the hottest categories in the world. Surprisingly enough, it isn’t just gay women who are into lesbians sex scenes. You also have heterosexual men and straight women. According to statistics on some of the world’s most popular adult sites, lesbian is at the top of their searches. Any content such as lesbian porn gifs, or videos, ranks among the top.

Interestingly enough, you don’t have to visit porn sites to see hot lesbian sex scenes. There are several mainstream movies in Hollywood which contain some pretty racy and provoking lesbian sex. The following contains some of the hottest lesbian sex scenes in Hollywood movies. The compilation also includes some you can find on Netflix or from other sources.

Lesbian sex pics and lesbian sex GIFS lovers will appreciate what they can see in the movie Carol. In this movie, actress Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchet perform a hot and erotic lesbian scene. You can see not just one lesbian sex scene, but several throughout the movie. The two sexy and pretty actresses deliver when it comes to lesbian sex here in this film.

Most lesbians sex scenes involve two women kissing. In the film Kiss Me from 2011, that is exactly what you get to see. There are several other scenes which are pretty hot involving lesbians in this movie as well. For those that enjoy two pretty and sexy women celebrities making out, they can also check out the film Higher Learning. The movie was released in 1995 and it has the gorgeous Jennifer Connelly and Kristy Swanson. The two actresses give viewers some lesbian sex scenes to enjoy.

The Hollywood movie Blue Is The Warmest Color may not have been a blockbuster hit. But, it was very popular when it comes to delivering titillating lesbian sex scenes. Two actresses Adele Exarchopoulos and Léa Seydoux are in the film giving lesbian sex pic lovers their money’s worth in the movie.

Many credit the first American Pie movie with making the phrase “Mom I’d Like To Fuck” or MILF popular. But in the American Pie 2, you can also see a tempting and titillating lesbian sex scene. In the movie, viewers get a chance to see two sexy and hot girls kiss. They make out while wearing their panties which is added turn on. The movie itself is very funny since other crazy stuff goes on during the scene. Still, the hot lesbian sex scene helped make the American Pie sequel that much better. Due to the film, there are hundreds of lesbian sex GIFS floating around the web deriving from it.

Men and women have a thing for the beautiful and hot actress Angelina Jolie. You can see her naked in several movies she has done throughout her career. In some of the movies, she has also given fans who enjoy lesbian sex, something to cheer about. In the movie Foxfire, actress Hedy Burress and Angelina get it on in a lesbian sex scene. You can also catch Miss Jolie in the film Gia where she is not only nude several times, but has lesbian sex as well. That movie led to countless of hot lesbian sex pics of Angelina Jolie and racy sex GIFS as well.

There is something very erotic and sensuous about actress Jennifer Tilly. In the movie Bound, Jennifer and Gina Gershon get it on. The movie was released in 1996, but it is still among one of the top when it comes to lesbian sex in Hollywood films. In fact, the lesbian sex between the two hot actresses was so racy, that the movie almost received a NC-17 rating. Some of the lesbian acts in the movie had to be cut out of the final movie because they were simply too racy and wild.

For fans of the gorgeous and sexy actress Alyssa Milano, the movie Embrace of the Vampire was a dream come true. In that film, Charlotte Lewis and Alyssa perform a seductive and erotic lesbian get-together. Any movie with Alyssa where she gets naked or shows her body is already hot enough. But when it shows her with another woman, it makes it even better.

There are several other films in Hollywood involving lesbian sex worth checking out. The movie Desert Hearts with Helen Shaver and Patricia Charbonneau are very hot when it comes to lesbian sex. You can also view several sex GIFS and sex pics from the movie Black Swan. Natalie Portman and Kunis make out in the film which is extra great for fans of both of them. Cruel Intentions is also another Hollywood movie which has made it to the top of the lesbians sex acts. The lovely Selma Blair and hot Sarah Michelle Gellar kiss and get it on during the film.

When it is all said and done, no movie involving lesbian sex in Hollywood mainstream movie is hotter than Wild Things. The film still ranks among the best when it comes to lesbian sex acts. Watching the gorgeous, sexy and hot Denise Richards kiss and fuck Neve Campbell is well worth it. There is also a threesome involving them and actor Matt Dillon. The film has led to millions of lesbian sex GIF images users created from it.